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Winter Is Finally Here

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It was such a disappointment to hear that the 8th season of this epic series was not coming out this year. I personally had to go through all the stages of depression, denial, anger, bargaining, depression then acceptance lol, not so sure that is the order. Even though they let me down there is one thing i cant seem to stop to do talking and reflecting on Game of Thrones.

What we do now know is winter is here. From the first season we were getting tired of tales of winter to come until we had a real taste of it in season five “hard home” episode(8th episode) the last 20 minutes . My God i swear that was the best television of my life. All along we thought winter was a just season subject to nature, but that episode I learnt that the Night King brings the storm.

A lot of people were convinced that in comparison those 20 minutes made The Walking Dead zombie action seem like child’s play lol. Ok lets fast forward to the present, the Night King has a dragon, the wall is broken down,Cersei tricks Snow and the Dragon Queen by not joining the war. The question is, are the armies of the living ready for the army of the dead…i wonder?

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Have they managed to gather enough Dragon glass? Oh the other advantage i see the living have over the horrors of the winter is the Three Eyed Raven. I do not know exactly how he is going to help out, but I’m sure he is relevant since his now deceased mentor kept on talking of readying him for the winter.

whatever the case, the question of who sits on the iron throne is irrelevant for now am sure its about survival.Check out the video and get a feel of whats to come.


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