A glimpse into Thuli Phongolo’s Wardrobe

You don’t have to go to fashion school or learn fabric designer causes for you to be a fashionista. The best way to dress is to emulate those who are good at it, with that said its only right we check out the gorgeous Thuli Phongolo’s Wardrobe.

There is just something about Thuli Phongolo that just screams elegance. Ladies if you are looking for a look of elegance you are in the right place. Enough said let us get a taste of class with Thuli Phongolo.

Thuli knows how to dress for every occasion…

Thuli Phongolo
Take me back to my Thailand body for my next vacation! The countdown begins… 😩😬💃

A fabulous hairstyle to go with the fabulous white dress.

A rare picture of Thuli smiling… ☺️🙈

Wow, like i said…She knows how to dress for every ocassion.

Sunday was the best option for this day… ☺️🙌 hope everyone is having fun with their mothers and family… ❤️

Effortless Elegance right there!

Focus on yourself baby girl… | Shoes by @footwork_za 🖤

Winter wear…

Warm, comfy, simple yet so stylish! You can never go wrong with that combo! 🖤|

‘Class’ defined…

Don’t be distracted by other people’s success, focus on what you do best and success shall follow in your own right. #MondayMotivation

Bad Girl Look…

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