A look into Bonang’s Top Billing episode

Top Billing has released the video footage of the highly anticipated episode which took viewers inside the second home Bonang Matheba has bought for herself.

In the insert, Matheba takes Top Billing’s Jonathan Boynton-Lee in her signature G-Wagon to her home which was decked out by interior designers, Jessica Hofmeyr and designed by architect, Joanne Reynolds from Century Property Development.

Matheba requested an industrial feel from the pair who explain how they worked to give Matheba what she wanted.

Matheba wanted a calming space that served as an escape from the media whirlwind she finds herself in on a daily basis.

Matheba also showed a lesser-seen side of her home, the garden, where she says she loves to entertain.

There are even a few DIY elements in the home as Matheba said she and her assistant painted some of the items in the home themselves. She and Jonathan topped the insert off with a glimpse into her bedroom, wardrobe and glam room.

She really has come a long way from her Vuzu episode of Top Shayela.

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