About BBA winner Dillish Mathews & new song ft. Cleo Ice Queen


Namibia’s Dillish Mathews, winner of 2013 Big Brother Africa collaborated with Zambia artiste Cleo Ice Queen for the song “Lights”. Before we get to the video lets get to know this beauty.

Dillish Mathews was born on 16 September 1990 in Namibia. The celebrity is a Namibia but her father Abdi Guyo, a retired Kenyan soldier said that he was part of the Kenyan contingent peacekeeping force of the United Nations Transition Assistance Group.

Dillish Mathews net worth is now $2.5 million, she is into Ice Cubes business branded as “Dillish Cool Cubes” the ices is been delivered to bars or restaurant in the country. In 2014 she launched her lipstick and lip gloss line called “Vault by Dillish” in Namibia and it was also launched in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Dillish also co-owns a high definition hair Salon with Hellen Ngenokesho called “High Definition Spa” which she launched in 2014. High Definition Spa is a brand that prides itself by providing customers with high-quality Brazilian hair, Lace Wigs, Lace closures and products to maintain them such as curl activators, silicon’s, conditioner and shampoos at affordable prices.

Now let go back to the video. The video was shot by Ogopa Butterfly and directed by acclaimed Namibian supermodel Maria Nepembe. Check it out


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