Gugu Gumede: I choose to be an African queen: Pictures

The beautiful lady is not only an amazing actress, she is beautiful too… Mamlambo in Uzalo always rocks her outfits and ohhh boy she is too sexxxy. Uzalo’s Mamlambo character is hilarious and sweet but the woman behind the character is all kinds of Fabulous and stunning. Actress Gugu Gumede, the daughter of the NFP leader Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi, could not be more different than her character of Mamlambo on SABC 1’s most popular TV Uzalo.

Gugu Gumede

I have seen people who act for social media. I have seen people act for the popularity. I have seen people who act to trend on social media. That is when you are not true to your character or your craft.”

Gugu Gumede

And while actors often speak about fans not being able to separate the actor from the character, Gugu said they too had the same problem.

Gugu Gumede

“I think they take it too personally. I  have seen people that bash people who bash their characters. They get so invested in it. I have learnt to not worry about what people are saying on social media.Gugu Gumede

You need to not inhale the good and not get bashed by the bad. Just do you. It can be difficult but you need to step away from the character for a bit and just exhale.”


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