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After Avengers: Infinity War…Ant-man & The Wasp, Captain Marvel.

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Ok so as you can imagine the Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty messed up as half the population just disappeared from a snap of finger from the most powerful villain of all time Thanos…I still hate him for making me cry….I mean almost cry.

I’m pretty sure the aftermath of infinity war also played out in your mind 2 million times like Doctor Strange with the time stone, but not to worry about that for now. Let’s focus on what’s next on the build up to Infinity war part II. Ant-man and The Wasp were not part of the Avengers : Infinity war, but not to worry their movie is coming later this year. I can imagine the reason why they could not be a part this Marvel Masterpiece is because they had some troubles of their own which shall be revealedin the movie.

Could the Ant-man and The Wasp story have happened concurrently with Avengers: Infinity war…maybe I can imagine the post credits scene of ant man and the wasp with one of the major characters fading away into dust maybe The Wasp leaving ant man devastated wanting to bring her back…or it could be vice versa. My guess is one of these two characters will be definitely be in the Avengers:  Infinity war part II.

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Hawk Eye was another character who wasn’t in Avengers: Infinity War, and in the movie it was hinted he had retired. My guess is he will come out of retirement again…nothing new there he’s done it before in Captain America Civil War. With half the heroes faded into dust this will see these guys stepping up either to save their loved ones who would have faded away or just a superheroes duty. Are the avengers that left enough to take on this task? Maybe, maybe not, but what we do now know is another powerful avenger is coming, yes you guessed right Captain Marvel.

Captain marvel is played by a Brie Larson and what we do know for sure is her movie is coming out next year before Avengers: infinity war II. Set up in the 90’s before the avengers, we will get an understanding of who she is? Where she was hiding and how she is coming back for Infinity war part II. We have picture of her onset with a younger version of Nick Fury.

This bombshell among other reasons has us excited to watch Captain Marvel march 2019. Well let me stop here guys be sure to leave comments and like us. Cheers!


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