Are You Ready For Deadpool 2?

The first Deadpool movie was a refreshing experience when it came out. It came with a different vibe from what other superhero movies were giving us at the time. Directed by Tim Miller and Deadpool also Wade Wilson was played by Ryan Reynolds. I must say Ryan Renolds really owned this character, he played really good.

Another thing that contributed to the first Deadpool being a success is its great script. Deadpool was really funny there is never a dull moment watching this movie. They made Deadpool seem like the guy next door who always says inappropriate stuff you would only think about and yet not say.

The Deadpool story was that of love, revenge and a whole lot of great humor. his love interest Vanessa was played by the gorgeous Morena Baccarin and yes from the trailer we are glad to say this bombshell will be in Deadpool 2.

Who is the villain in this upcoming sequel? Thable…sorry I mean Cable lol. Played by Josh Brolin…yes the Thanos guy. this guy must get a bad guy of the year award or something lol. Anyway, guys check out the latest Deadpool movie trailer, Cheers!


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