Azealia Banks’ Argument On Cardi B And Black Women

Harlem femcee Azealia Banks’ storied history with Bronx breakout rap star Cardi B has spawned a sharp war of words between the women, beginning with the Ice Princess’s “poor man’s Nicki” classification for Cardi (among other choice words).

Their beef seemingly developed out of nowhere, especially after videos of Azealia jamming out to Cardi’s “Bodak Yellow” surfaced thereafter. On Friday’s (May 11) drop in with The Breakfast Club, however, Azealia finally revealed her bone to pick with Cardi’s claim to fame that opens up a deeper discussion about the culture of Black women.

Around the 21:40 mark, Azealia flat out admits that she called Cardi an “illiterate, untalented rat” during her spat with the 25-year-old. This, apparently, has everything to do with who Cardi presents herself as to the world, a past she doesn’t believe other Black women would have been granted so easily.

“I’m just talking about this caricature of a Black woman that Black women themselves would never be able to get away with,” she elaborated. “Like, if my spelling and grammar was that bad, I’d be canceled. If Nicki Minaj spelled like that, people would just be ragging on her all day.”

Azealia believes there’s a double standard there, which parallels her previous sentiments on the Invasion of Privacy artist when she stated that she believes “black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl” and that she’d “never seen them jump like this for Remy or Nicki.”

Nevertheless, she does acknowledge that she “used” to like Bardi, but doesn’t really understand her “extreme lack of couth.”

“I’ve never seen that at the forefront of female rap,” she continued. “I didn’t know that the bar would be lowered so much. So, it’s kind of like a culture shock.”

Azealia considers this “unfair” to female rap given some of the other women in the rap game who push their pen forward. She abruptly switches the topic after telling Charlamagne Tha God that she’d like to segue because he gives Cardi lots of free promotion. However, “The Big Big Beat” femcee’s latest thoughts on the Bardi Gang leader has already opened up a discussion on the non-monolithic culture of Black women.

See what some listeners had to say after checking out Azealia’s The Breakfast Club interview below.

source: BET

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