Azealia Banks Literally Drove Cardi B Off Of Instagram By Posting This Revenge Photo

Recently Azealia Banks went on The Breakfast Club and when she was asked about Cardi and decided to call her an “illiterate, untalented rat” and a “caricature of a black woman.”

Of course, this got around social media and eventually to Bartier Bardi, who immediately lashed out with a pretty good response, pointing out that Banks had previously praised her on social media.

Azealia then went on Twitter, her domain of choice, and called Cardi a “bird brain” amongst other insults to her intelligence…

What happened next though… Ladies and gentlemen, grab your extra large bucket of popcorn. Cardi went IN. Of course, it didn’t end there and things got really mean. At around the same time, Cardi B ended up deleting her Instagram account and Azealia posted the message now removed from Instagram.

Remember when Azealia Banks claimed she felt bullied by Wendy Williams at the end of last year? Sis, that’s falling on deaf ears now. Appearance shaming with the picture? We’d say you’re better than this, but your past actions really prove otherwise…

Hopefully, Cardi B doesn’t respond again, giving Rap’s biggest troll any more of her spotlight. We’ll have to see.

source: BET

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