Bucie speaks about being body shamed

The singer has also made it clear that she will not stand for any disrespect from people who keep on body shaming her.

Bucie speaks about being body shamed. Bucie has addressed the comments about her weight gain and wants people to know that she’s just happily in love and living her best life.

Bucie Nkomo

The singer recently responded with a very blunt response to everyone who is so obsessed with her weight gain. Bucie made it clear that she is just in a good space in her life romantically and that her husband appreciates her body as it is.

Bucie Nkomo

She will not stand for any disrespect from anyone and is ready to block people who come at her sideways. Below is her response to all the body shaming comments.

Bucie Nkomo

“So… some people have asked questions like “is it me or has Bucie gain weight? is Bucie chubby or is it me?” Andithembi ukuba ndiyafanelwa luthando olongaka
Uthando olunjena. From my loving husband.

Bucie Nkomo

Let me respond(ndidikiwe)I am a happily married woman. My husband loves my body as it is, I am short so being tiny doesn’t do anything for me but ukundidelelisa ngamakhwenkwe. I like how I look and I am comfortable,when I want to change all that, I will do it for myself, not for anyone else! Ndivakele? So comment so I can block your ass! Try me lifeless being!!” [sic]

Tell them Bucie!

Source: ZAlebs

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