Cassper Nyovest’s only black person in first-class tweet backfires

Rapper Cassper Nyovest took to Twitter to note how few black people he finds when travelling in first and business class. The famous rapper’s views on slavery and people ‘pulling each other down’ have been met with a backlash on Twitter.

According to Nyovest, being the only black person in first and business class lounges has made the effects of 400 years of slavery hit home. He says the legacy of slavery is that black people are still behind.

Cassper Nyovest

“The only thing we are extremely good at for now is pulling each other down,” he continued.

Not everyone is impressed by his views though. Kenyan journalist Shailja Patel tweeted a popular response, suggesting that Nyovest should “buy an upgrade” for three black passengers each time he travels so that they can join him in the lounge.

Others responded to Nyovest’s tweets, taking exception to his view that black people are good at “pulling each other down.” “When you have to remind your followers they are poor, you are part of the problem,” one user said.



Nyovest recently made the news after a legal tiff between his lawyers and Tsonga musician Benny Mayengani over the latter’s use of the hashtag #FillUp to promote a gig looks like it will probably end up going nowhere.

Earlier this month, Cassper’s lawyers filed a “cease and desist” order against the star for supposed trademark infringement, after Cassper’s management claimed the rapper had trademarked the hashtag and his permission wasn’t asked before it was used.

Subsequent media reports suggested this was probably not the case.

Source: The Citizen


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