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Deadpool 2 Plot Revealed!

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Let’s take a deep dive into the likely Deadpool 2 Plot. Deadpool 2 movie has found a way to generate excitement while riding high on the enthusiasm of the record-breaking first film. Little has been revealed about the ACTUAL plot but with some useful knowledge of the history of the characters, we can deduce the likely Deadpool 2 plot and story of the soon to be released movie.

Deadpool and Cable’s popularity are the product of creative duo Fabien Nicenza and Rob Liefeld, 2 comic book creators that were working with Marvel Comics. They originally created the characters to be tough-as-nails no-nonsense soldiers. Deadpool 2 clearly takes inspiration from that interpretation of the characters in this trailer and inject the 4th wall breaking humor that helped catapult Deadpool into prominence. I have a theory that Deadpool 2 may take inspiration from the comic book storyline Messiah Complex and more.

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That being said we should analyze the common comic book tropes that the potentially hidden villain of Deadpool 2 that’s seemingly absent from most, if not all, marketing. There’s a chance that Cable is the actual antagonist of the film but I suspect that what we’ve seen so far is the common hero vs hero misunderstanding.



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