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Dear men penetration is overrated, foreplay is not!

Penetration is overrated. Why can't men see that?

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Today’s #WomenTeachSex dabbles into a number of interesting sex issues. There is something about proper communication. There’s one for women who unnecessarily try to look cute during sex, and then something about men who don’t know more than sticking their kini into the vagina.

If you could rate your sex life over 100, what would it be?

It would be 80 as of now.

Why 80?

So far I have taken time out to know what I truly what when it comes to sex These includes my -Sexual structure -Sexual style -Level of intimacy -I am sex positive I believe you should do whatever you want without judgement this can include celibacy too

Let’s go back a little. When was the first time you had s3x?

I was 18. In my year 2 of university. I was in my second year in University. I am 24 now.

Did it meet your expectations?

I actually had no expectations then so technically yup

So there’s been like six years between your first time and now


How would you rate men over 100?

I’d say 70. If you find a man willing to learn it’s a big advantage. Men aren’t clueless they know what they want, they show signs but we sometimes ignore.


I think that is the highest rating I might have gotten so far.

This is the highest rating I’ve gotten so far. Must be nice.

Lol. I’ve actually had bad experiences too but I knew it was my fault because I didn’t create boundaries and stick to them.

Tell about the worst sex of your life. Like, the total worst

The worst was when I was with a person who was always guilt tripping me into thinking sex was the major way to prove love

Hope you cut loose quickly enough?

Yes I did

And how was that like?

He was always saying that I was not meeting his sexual expectations. He never asked me what I personally wanted. I figured if we do not have a clear plan and communicate properly it wouldn’t work. I tried communicating and he felt his needs were more superior so I opted out.

Must have been dark times. Thank God it’s over


Let’s focus on happy memories now. Gist me about the experience that was so good that nothing has beaten it till date

The best was with this guy. And I know it was because we connected intellectually and emotionally before sex. We were buddies before the sex so that was a bonus. We communicated before and during sex. We also gave sexual feedback so it was very good. No need to look peng during Sex or be who you are not. It is fun when two open minded individuals communicate effectively during sex and even after We omit sexual feedback a lot when it can actually help us be better

I’m going to write that somewhere. Lol. Who expects anyone to look peng during knacks

Some people do

So, for the bad and the good times, the difference was more abstract than the actual act

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Like, the mental component of sex outweighs the physical for you. Am I right?

Yes the mental.

Ever had to fake orgasms?

No. I don’t do that. Premium stress. Imagine me not satisfied I would now be acting drama on top. Abeg oh.

Hehehe. So you just Tell him to stop and wear his briefs and go home, that you’re not doing again?

Yes oh. Ah I cannot gamble with my pleasure abeg

Hahahaha. So I want to ask how that has worked out for you so far

So far I haven’t been in that situation since I walked out of the last s3xual relationship.

Tell me a s3xual act do you consider to be overrated

Actual intercourse. As per, pen!s in the [email protected]

Didn’t see that coming

Lol. I can get orgasms without penetration so I don’t see the point most of the time. A time would come where penetrative s3x wouldn’t be needed. For instance, when your partner gives birth to a child. What happens if they still need to feel some intimacy without penetrative s3x. Hope you’ll know what to do then?

Angle. So you have a room full of 1000 men needing tips on how to rightly please women like you. Lecture them with three points

1. Know what you want s3xually and communicate it effectively

2. Make conscious effort to be sex positive

3. Normalize 3xual pleasure for your partner and yourself [In other words, learn to actually enjoy s3x and help your partner enjoy it too]

What’s the most uneducated opinion on s3x and women’s bodies you’ve heard from a man?

A woman with a big clit has s3x a lot, that a woman’s clit doesn’t stop growing.

Wait. Someone said that out loud?

I was in awe when I heard it. Big clit means someone is an ashawo.

Omo. My gender dey fuk up sha.

Lol. I really hope they are open to learning.

What s3xual health stuff do you think enough women don’t know enough of?

Regular testing. I think more women need to realize that getting tested for STIs does not mean they are bad people. See, just do it to be on the safer side especially when you have a new partner. Also your armpits,thighs don’t have to be the same color with your body. Normalize that. Your vagina isn’t a flower, it shouldn’t smell like one. Stop steaming your vagina in the name of detox. Can I say something about men?

Sure, go on

For the men, do ball checks, please. It does not mean you are gay. Prostate cancer is real. Do your ball check regularly. Also, men can get yeast infection too. So please wash your boxers and underneath your balls.

What’s one s3xual thing you recommend every woman does before they’re old and full of regrets?

Have 3x freely. Without thinking about putting up a performance or trying harder to look good in bed. Let that sex be messy just do it with no inhibitions in your head.



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