Dj Zinhle furious over relationship with her mom questions by fans

DJ Zinhle served an epic clapback to a Twitter user who claimed she posts more pictures of AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, than of her own
The drama started when Zinhle complained that her mom, Jabu Jiyane, was always on the phone.

A tweep replied with a bizarre question that was completely off topic.

“Why is it that we only see AKA’s mom only?” he asked.
Zinhle did not waste time clapping back.

DJ Zinhle

“Ungenaphi wena? Who is “we”? Who are you representing mami?” she asked.
It’s not the first time Zinhle has been accused of spending more time with Lynn than her mother
After breaking up with AKA in 2015, she shared several pictures of herself hanging out with Lynn. Social media users thought it was strange that the rapper’s girlfriend at the time, Bonang Matheba, did not post any images with his mother.

AKA also questioned Zinhle’s close relationship with Lynn.

“Why are there so many pictures of my mother on Instagram…. And none of her own mother? It’s weird. Let go. Please… Petty. Petty. Petty,” he tweeted in 2016.

Lynn defended Zinhle, saying the DJ has never tried to turn her against her son despite their messy split. She added that Zinhle even encouraged her to have a relationship with Bonang.

Dj Zinhle

Lynn also explained why she sometimes spends more time with Zinhle than her mother does
“I am there because I love her like my own daughter and her mother loves her very much. I live in JHB… her mother does not,” she tweeted.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Zinhle is back with AKA – who broke up with Bonang in late 2017 – which means she can post about her ‘mother-in-law’ in peace, right?

Nope! Tweeps still can’t get over not seeing Zinhe’s mom on her feed often.

The DJ’s fans came to her defence, applauding her for putting the Twitter user in her place.
If you need any proof that DJ Zinhle not only loves her mother but has shared several posts about her, look no further than her Instagram account.


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