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Drake Just Confirmed He Has a Secret Son on His New Album: “The Kid Is Mine”

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After weeks of speculation and Pusha T drama, Drake has seemingly confirmed that he’s a father. The rapper addressed rumored news that he’d had a baby with former adult film star Sophie Brussaux on his new album Scorpion, and the lyrics make things pretty damn clear

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Take the song “Emotionless,” where Drake makes two references to his child:

“I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world/I was hiding the world from my kid.”

“Breakin’ news in my life I don’t run to the blogs/The only ones I wanna tell are the ones I can call.”

Meanwhile in the song “March 14,” Drake references his baby again, saying:

“Yesterday mornin’ was crazy/I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe/That shit is in stone/Sealed and signed/She’s not my lover like Billie Jean/But the kid is mine/Sadie used to tell me all it takes is one time/And all it took was one time/Shit, we only met two times, two times/And both times were nothin’ like the new times/Now it’s rough times/I’m out here on front lines/Just tryna make sure that I see him sometimes.”


“It’s breakin’ my spirit/Single father, I hate when I hear it/I used to challenge my parents on every album/Now I’m embarrassed to tell ’em I ended up as a co-parent/Always promised a family unit/I wanted it to be different because I been through it/But this is the harsh truth now/Fairy tales are saved for the bedtime stories I tell you now.”

FYI, Drake’s revelation comes after Pusha T’s diss track called “The Story of Adidon,” where he said “You are hiding a child, let that boy come home.”

Listen to Scorpion right this way.


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