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Drama as Zodwa Wabantu finds Vusi Buthelezi’s Sister

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Zodwa Wabantu’s quest to make her ex-boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi pay for stealing from her has reached new levels, as she took it upon herself to confront his sister.

Earlier today, Vusi and his sister made light of Zodwa’s video which claimed that she was going to find him, and shared their own clip which showed them together. She is heard showing off her brother and asking for the reward Zodwa pledged to the person who found Vusi.


Vusi Ngubane Audi

Zodwa acknowledged the video which made a mockery of her and subsequently followed it up with her own video showing her confronting Vusi’s sister at her home. The woman is seen keeping quiet as Zodwa threatened her, and asked her if she still wanted the reward. Thereafter she tried to retreat back into her house by jumping over the fence.


Zodwa Wabantu and Vusi

Zodwa captioned it with, “I’m at Vusi House I find This B*tch they Made the Video Together Sebenza Mali Yam Uzonya”.

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In other news – Zodwa WaBantu Faces Arrest As Ex-Boyfriend Vusi Reports To Police

Zodwa Wabantu’s ex Vusi Buthelezi says he is opening a police case against her for defamation and harassment.

Posting on his Instagram, Vusi says he has turned himself in at various police stations but there is no case opened against him as reported by Zodwa Wabantu. He has decided to fight back through the courts.

“My legal representatives and myself reported to various police stations so to turn myself in for the alleged fraud case. No police station confirmed that I am wanted for any fraud case. Harassment order interdict and defamation of character civil suit is underway,” he posted. Read More


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