Enhle Mbali joins the Cancer awareness campaign in style

Enhle Mbali joins the Cancer awareness campaign in style. The actress who is living her life to the fullest was in Cape Town for a mini vacation with her family. The star who recently survived an attempt on her life is enjoying every moment.

From serving couple goals to family vacations the star is doing it all and in eccentric style too. The couple was all over each other and we liked this picture in particular because it represents true love. Black coffee is seen pushing a trolley which Enhle is inside of. This picture got our hearts to melt. Now they were out and about as a family and it was one of the sweet moments that we will like forever. After being involved in a freak and scaring hijacking you surely would expect a person to live to their fullest because you might not know what tomorrow may bring.

The actress Enhle Mbali was hospitalised after being hijacked by three armed men in Hyde Park‚ Johannesburg. Enhle was driving the new Porsche which her husband DJ Black Coffee had recently purchased for her when she was attacked. Three armed men‚ two with guns and one with a hammer‚ stopped in front of her car‚ pulled her out and took her jewellery. Enhle was rushed to hospital shortly after the incident.

But she came out of it as strong as ever and now she is joining the [email protected] cancer awareness campaign which shows her boldness and love for a better world especially for women. Check the pictures she posted on her Instagram account as she announced the news…

Enhle Mbali

Mama Lilian Dube has made the fight against breast cancer so cool.

Enhle Mbali

For that I join her too as we raise awareness to both woman and men and did it in pink.  @pink_polo_sa yesterday  #simplylive #simplylove #simplyenhle🎓🌺🍭 @matte_nolim

Enhle Mbali

This stance will tell you how serious l am about this cancer awareness campaign

Enhle MbaliLight up a room with your energy, A warm organic smile is the best lipstick.  #empressenhle  #simplylive  #simplylove  #simplyenhle🎓🌺🍭 Walking for @ryan_m_keys at SA fashion. week. LOVED IT!! I AM AFRICAN

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