Faith Nketsi trends as what may be new evidence surfaces

And the saga goes on, new images of chats and presumed evidence has surfaced on social media. We have just compiled as is and we also have question marks about this whole issue.

If its true, is it just her who was doing it? Her closest friends should have known like Kim Koliwe, Tebogo Thobejane since they seemed inseparable. All those trips to hong kong and around the world could they have been sponsored from this? Who knows, but the good thing is time is a revealer of things. If these allegations are true or false, Time will tell.


Happy times in Hong Kong

These ladies travel all over the world “hosting” celebrities, politicians and wealthy businessmen. This is a poster of Faith Nketsi and Tebogo Thobejane in Botswana.
Here is an old screenshot of a conversation with Faith Nketsi a while ago. As you can see, she dropped a name of one of the people who are in her list, but let us talk about that person some other time
It is said that now Faith Nketsi is denying her association with Feline management, well there was once an article that said Faith Nketsi announced that Feline management (the company she is denying) is hiring.


Here is a screenshot of the girl that was raped by 6 men.
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