Fashion Friday with Kelly Khumalo

. She never disappoints whenever it comes to fashion. Her taste in fashion is simply classic and she really knows how to make every outfit she puts on look stunning on her. Despite being tormented by cyber bullies she also stands for what is right. She recently aired her views on what should happen to men that [email protected] and Abuse children especially girls.

In a recent interview with The Morning Show on etv Kelly Khumalo shared a few things about herself as a mother, co-parenting and how she feels about s-e-xual @busers.  Kelly Khumalo revealed that she is a full-time mom and is hands-on with the activities of her children and their whereabouts despite the fact that she is also a hardworking musician.

She also said she strongly believes that men who s-e-xually abuse children should get their manhood removed. “Those men who do that must have their manhood cut off so that they stop abusing innocent children. If your child disappears, go crazy, go find them because you don’t know, anything might happen to them. I’m that type of mum who is always on the watch, I want to know where my children are each and every minute. It doesn’t matter whether, in the estate where I live, I need to know where my children are.”

So with that in mind, we decided to applaud her for fighting for what is right, so as a Friday like this we thought of sharing with you some of the outfits we think she nailed and were on point…

Kelly Khumalo

Dressed by @tsotetsikl 💐 📸 by @johnoseamedia #UNLEASHEDMEDIALAUNCH

Kelly Khumalo

Media Launch of #UNLEASHED #DanceComigo #jehovaseason
Dressed by @tsotetsikl 📸 by @johnoseamedia

Kelly Khumalo

The best way to hate is to not hate…. trust me you don’t wanna fuel ⛽️ something that’s already on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kelly Khumalo

Don’t mean to be forward no no, But you make go Loco na na… you look into my eyes like you know me, you make realize I’m lonely Lonely…. #DanceComigo #DanceComigoMayhem #UNLEASHED

Kelly Khumalo

Dressed by @mrs_mome ♥️

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