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Fitness Bunny Minnie Mlungwana says Let’s make this week a productive

Fitness Bunny Minnie Mlungwana says Let’s make this week a productive. When l say there is no best place to enjoy summer than in Mzansi people tend not to agree with me but l tell you, this is the best place to have your summer and spring. With the many beautiful ladies that we have in Mzansi, including the likes of fitness bunny Minnie Mlungwana, why would you want to spend this season anywhere else?

Minnie Mlungwana is one of the many leading Mzansi fitness bunnies who motivate people to get healthy and stay fit on her Instagram account. As she is a fitness bunny it’s quite obvious she serves summer body goals every woman would die for.

Minnie Mlungwana is a Zulu Queen through and through – Pictures. That is some of what we picked up from her latest pictures.

The beautiful fitness hottie shared a few pictures that we fell in love with but it’s the caption that really got my attention, she said: “Embracing your true self-radiates a natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored. (Zulu Queen 👑 through & through 🇿🇦)”

She posted new pictures embracing the summer season and her taste in fashion is quite eye-catching. Her posts are associated with meaningful and motivating captions that are a benefit to all her fans. Check these latest pictures of her showing off her curvy body…

Minnie Mlungwana

The lower body burns out Easing myself back into training again. @justice_law007 behind the 📸 & training partner in crime Week 2 (done & dusted).

Minnie MlungwanaOh & for those who were asking … currently weighing in at 776kg, the goal is to drop down to 68kg whilst keeping these curves fully intact.
Let’s GET IT❗️❗️

Minnie Mlungwana

Let’s make this week a productive one folk’s Ps. Couldn’t decide on which one was my favourite.

Minnie Mlungwana

“Curves so serious … These buttons bout’ to “Curves so serious … These buttons bout’ to💥 “

Minnie Mlungwana

“Put yourself at the TOP of your to-do list every single day, & the rest will fall into place”
📸 @shutterbug216



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