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Fitness School with Tumie Nthutang

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If working out is your thing and you would love to be or to stay in shape, Tumie Nthutang has got a few words for you. Tumie has the perfect body and I tell you she really looks good in the bikinis, working out has really paid off.

Now read what she says on working out and check her out as she reaps the benefits of working out. Be inspired.

“When the minutes & hours add up. Little by little, a little becomes a lot. 🖤

I started my fitness journey 2 years ago, with the goal of maintaining my body, getting defined & to help stop my migraines and fatigue. A journey I documented and shared on my social media platforms. It has been fun, challenging and rewarding.

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I receive a lot of messages and emails about staying fit and although bodies differ, lifestyles differ and goals differ, I hope to take you along as I continue the journey with my new & usn family to sensitize and hopefully inspire in a way that any female in our country can relate to.
The goal still remains maintenance and definition 💪🏾”


👄 ☀🐚Easy,just how we like our Sundays!💫






Tis the season ❄,bicker jackets & boots season 🖤 (Lowkey the only thing I like about winter 🤨)



Tan skin, Messy hair,Crazy days, Late nights ,just how a vacation should be.👙 🏝 🍹

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