Former Generations actress Xoli Zondi gives birth to a baby girl

Former Generations actress gives birth a baby girl. The latest entertainer is an actress – Xoli Zondi who gushed over how in love she is with her new-born, a baby girl.

In a space of a few weeks, we’ve had numerous entertainers either announce their pregnancy or confirm that they’ve given birth to their children.

Xoli Zondi - Zamisa

However, this is not Xoli’s first child as she also has a teenage daughter by the name of Mandy. This is a recent picture she just shared of her baby girl.

Xoli Zondi and her baby

And she wrote the sweetest message in a simple but nutshell way as she announced the news: I can’t put her down…
#BabyUkusa #DawnOfANewDay🌅

Speaking to Ackerman’s Magazine about the relationship she has with her teenage daughter, Xoli shared that it is not easy raising a teenager, however, she makes sure that she opens up all lines of communication with her daughter and tries to understand her world as a teenager growing up in this fast-paced world.

“Mandy is always on the phone, so I WhatsApp her and send her voice notes every day. I make a point of listening to her favourite music and watching some of the programmes she likes so that we have a lot to talk about. It’s not easy for a teenager to open up about every tiny detail of their lives, but I don’t give up.” She told the magazine.

Congratulations to Xolile on her newborn baby.

Source: ZAlebs


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