Hilarious pics of Sanel Berry using Instagram filters

Hilarious pics of Sanel Berry using Instagram filters. The SAPS hot officer has been constantly posting pictures on her Instagram ever since her pictures went viral after we had done an article on her. She has been mesmerising many Mzansi people with her beauty, as she shares awesome pictures on her social media platforms.

After causing chaos and commotion with her pictures on social media Sanel Berry has become one of the most sorts after SAPS officers. She is one of the beautiful and H0T officers ever to come from SAPS. She has made us remember the likes of Demi Preston another SAPS H0TTIE.

She is one of the H0TTEST SAPS female officers we have ever seen in this country. She makes you wanna be associated with the police in a good way and it is really incredible how we all love her. Sanel Berry is just beautiful, she is smart, physically strong and she saves our country too.

The H0T SAPS officer recently posted new pictures and we thought it would be wise to share them with you first since you are showing her so much love. The ever-smiling officer has new pictures that will make you fall in love with her even more.

We first discovered that SAPS can unleash beautiful faces when we discovered  Demi Preston. She showed us that you can be a beauty queen and also serve your country. This is what Sanel Berry is doing too. We hope that the so-called slay queens out there can learn a lesson from these beautiful Mzansi patriots.

She has been having fun recently as she is using Instagram filters and they make her look even more beautiful and when she posted the pictures of her face filtered they immediately caused chaos. Just take a look at some of the pictures using filters that she posted on her Instagram account…

Sanel Berry

Having fun at work…

Sanel Berry


Having fun with my friend…

Sanel Berry


They don’t make ’em this cute no more…

Sanel Berry


Happy Thursday and enjoy your coming weekend

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