I am still in love with my ex husband: Mshoza

There truly is something profusely enlightening about hindsight, isn’t it? One actually sees past episodes in a more enhanced view and perception.

One such enlightenment seems to have befallen one of Mzansi’s Kwaito Queen, Mshoza. The Kortes hitmaker is reportedly still very much in love with her ex husband, Thuthuka Mvula. This comes after having had a realisation that indeed she had never stopped loving him.



Mshoza was in a short relationship with SA-s footballer, Anele Ngcongca.

Though the pair did seem like an unlikely couple, Mshoza had previously expressed just how much this relationship means to her.

In an interview with Drum Magazine, the pair went public with their relationship, with Mshoza casually posted snaps of them spending time together. However things have turned sour, as Mshoza has realised that she might have jumped the gun by getting into a relationship with Anele, whilst still longing for her ex hubby.



Sunday Sun ran an article about the story. Mshoza spoke quite candidly to the publication as she explained that she is still in love with Thuthuka.

”I asked him(Anele) to move out because I am still in love with my ex husband. I think I rushed things with Anele.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise if this news causes mayhem within Mshoza’s fans and the general public alike, hence many were in support of her when she decided to leave her abusive husband who even went as far as plotting to kill her. Hearts ached for Mshoza when she shared photo’s of her bloody and bruised face some time ago on the internet.

It was also widely reported that Mshoza,s ex husband was heavily abusive, which then led her to file for divorce.

According to the article on Sunday Sun, Mshoza and Thuthukani had always maintained some level of friendship.

It seems Mshoza might have outgrew her relationship with Anele, as she was quoted as saying:”We attend games together and hung out at my place thereafter, but that is as far as our relationship goes.”

Though the relationship was shortlived, it was nothing short of drama. Earlier this year, it was reported that Anele’s baby mama, Linda Racaza’s involvement in their relationship caused a lot of tension between them as a couple. Allegedly a physical altercation ensued between Linda and Mshoza and there were also mentions of pressing charges against each other.


While this is yet to be confirmed, Mshoza also mentioned that she did not need that kind of stress as she was thirteen weeks pregnant at the time.

Romantic relationships can get quite complicated at times, as the heart wants what it wants and it usually defies logic.

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