Cassper Nyovest rocked the stage for only 17 people in Limpopo

Every musician has to start somewhere, from performing at dingy spots to not getting paid for the entertainment services rendered. Performing for a small crowd also comes with being an artists come up hustle.

Cassper Nyovest

An artist that certainly can fill up venues as big as stadiums should not have to hustle in filling up smaller venues, however such was not the case with our very own hip hop artist, Cassper Nyovest, who reportedly performed for a mere ”çrowd” of twelve people at The Link Up in Limpopo a few days ago.

It was also reported that this was the same venue that Tsonga musician Benny Mayengani had previously wanted to fill up at this particular stadium ( Giyani Stadium) hence it was on his home turf however when Cassper got wind of the news, he threatened to sue him if he continued to market his event under the hashtag fill up hence he has already trademarked the term.

Below is a series of comments from Tweeps who chimed in and shared different views about Cassper’s odd gig in Giyani.


Cassper is such a boss though, to put your energy and sweat into a performance for a crowd of around 12 people?, Now that is work ethic on fleek.

Source: IOL

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