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In Memes: Twitter reacts to DJ Tira’s boast about getting Zodwa Wabantu to wear Pant!es

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You know you are dealing with a handful when you are ecstatic that you got someone to wear underwear neh? That is DJ Tira’s life as Zodwa’s manager.

DJ Tira couldn’t hide his pride after he “got” Zodwa Wabantu to wear a panty and Twitter had a field day over Tira’s ‘accomplishment’ for the day.

Dj Tira

So Twitter had a mini party in Tira’s mentions after he shared, quite happily we might add, that he successfully got her to wear a panty at one of her gigs.

All those who have asked Zodwa to put on more clothes (and those who have photoshopped some clothes on to the entertainer) were happy to see the “progress”.

They joined Tira for the mini victory celebration and even suggested he try to suggest leggings next time.

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In the spirit of not trying to change the unique jewel that is Zodwa, we’ll just say as long as she’s happy then Mzansi will probs be happy too.

Some of Zodwa’s fans were not having this “panty-wearing Zodwa”… because well apparently they don’t like remixes and stuff like that.

Source: Times Live



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