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J. Cole Releases Freestyle ‘Album of the Year

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Rapper J. Cole just released a new freestyle called ‘Album of the Year’ with a WorldStarHipHop exclusive video in which he raps over Nas’s ‘Oochie Wally’ beat. The title is in reference to his record-breaking album KOD which he declares “album of the year/undebatably.” He also takes a moment to call out hypocrisy with America’s treatment of drug addiction, “Now Billy mama want the judge to pardon his addiction/how many black addicts that got caught up in the system/with no sob stories on your prime-time television/I can smell a blatant contradiction.” But then he switches gears, comparing himself to The Notorious B.I.G. “My cadence be the greatest we’ve seen since the late MC/who’s name was The Notorious” and, then finally, a plug, “Let’s end on a positive note/ come see me live.”

The YouTube video also includes a statement from Cole that appears to announce more to come, “The Off Season coming soon… All roads lead to The Fall Off.” Watch the full video and stream the song below.

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source: vulture


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