Isibaya actress Jessica Nkosi compares herself to Beyoncé

The actress proved that her confidence levels are on point when a fan told her she looks like the US superstar.

There’s no denying that Jessica Nkosi is drop-dead gorgeous. And she knows it. In fact, Jessica and her mom believe that she looks like Beyoncé.

Jessica Nkosi

Jessica Nkosi Tweet

Jessica then went on to jokingly add that her mom has always told her she looks like Queen Bey.

“And my mom has always told me I look like her, like she literally did not know who Beyoncé was and she’d see her on TV and look at me for a long time and say, ‘yaz wena ufana nalosisi,” she said on Instagram Stories.

Jessica Nkosi Tweet

Jessica Nkosi Tweet

We’re just out here going…yaaasss guurl!

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