Kairo Forbes: Mom, Dad the world is ours

Baby Kairo becoming big and big each day, not only about her age but in terms of her followers on social media and a good image she is portraying to the world.


Kairo is a baby daughter to the music legend AKA and the Africa’s number 1 dj, Dj Zinhle. Although her parents are a big influence on her growing social media fame, the girl has now been able to be an influence in her dad and mom careers.Kairo

Recently her dad, AKA won a kid’s award in America after which some days earlier had taken to instagram and asked her followers to vote for her dad.


People started voting and this might be the reason to a greater extent her dad won. Because on comment section of her video, you could see people’s response saying, ‘we will vote for your dad because of you’.


The little girl is keeping the shine and her followers on social media are becoming more and more each day.


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