Brenda Ngxoli: I’m struggling to find and keep a man

She’s one of the most revered actresses in the industry, with a body of work that has been praised by many and although we haven’t seen Brenda Ngxoli on our screens for a while she has yet again proven why Mzansi loves her so much.

In a recent monologue video, Brenda shares her thoughts about men, relationships and the [email protected]…yes ladies and gentlemen Brenda took it there and we’re all here for it!

The actress gives a graphic, yet hilarious description of how she’s kept her lady parts intact for the right man but has just been struggling to keep a man.

Brenda begins the monologue by addressing both men and women saying:

“Only a woman, can understand the plight of a woman, sorry guys I know you are trying but you’ll have to sit out of this one because it’s about you….”

She then proceeds to speak her truth about men, relationships, sex and the church.

“I’m struggling to find and keep a man. No, andibandi, ndim’nandi kudala batsho (No, I’m not cold, I’m nice, they’ve been saying) I s-e-x, I douche, I shave, I wax. I just have too much love for one man.

Brenda Ngxoli

That is why I’m looking for someone or something who can help me find and keep a man. Steve Harvey’s book doesn’t help, it’s all about self-work and I’ve got too many issues that will take too much time. I need a quick fix.”

Brenda then discusses how she’s approached a lot of priests to help her with her issue, just check out the video below and understand why it’s probably one of the most hilarious things you’ll see on social media this week.

Man, Brenda, we sure do miss you on our TV screens.

Source: Zalebs

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