5 Stunning pictures of #TheThrone actress Keke Mphuthi

5 Stunning pictures of #TheThrone actress Keke Mphuthi. After working with The Fergusons on their hit telenovela Unmarried Keke is back on another collaboration with The Fergusons telenovela The Throne. She is doing quite well and she is one of the best actresses we have now. The talented actress is killing it in the new drama.

It’s wonderful to see a fresh face on the screen. Even better, when said person displays acting flair that belies their four years in the industry. And that is what Keke Mphuthi has proven in her time on TV.

The 27-year-old actress from Kimberly started out as a choreographer before the acting bug bit. She said: “After that, I went for a lot of auditions (and) got a company to manage me. I did a few short films for eKasi Stories and Mzansi Magic, landed a role on Isidingo, had a part on iNumber Number, and so on. This eventually led to Unmarried and now The Throne.”

She is also a beautiful and stunning woman and her physical appearance has caused her to be liked by many. She is also active on social media especially her Instagram account. She posts pictures that make us fall in love with her even more. This is why today we are re-sharing 5 of the most beautiful pictures of her taken from her Instagram account. Check the pictures below…

Keke Mphuthi

Be Royale👑 #ViveLePolo #AllureLounge #1Magic @1magictv  #GreyGooseLife

Keke Mphuthi

Issa Delicious one… Doing it well as per usual Thank you to @dstvdeliciousfestival, @multichoice_africa for the invite. @dstvza always a jump with you guys. @mosdefhair  you always pull through for me …I trust you with my life …just look at me 😩😍 #mzansimagic #dstvdelicious #premiumlounge

Keke Mphuthi


Keke Mphuthi

I’m so ready #actress #mzansimagic #thethronemzansi

Keke Mphuthi

Tracey: “Cakes Ke kopa thigh game “ Keke:” Ok chomi 😌😌😌 📸 @miz_traycee

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