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Khanyi Mbau divides fans with glow up Tweet

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When you think of a glow up, you picture a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon or a duckling becoming an elegant swan… or so as the phrase goes. For Khanyi Mbau, her glow up is more physical than metaphorical.
The actress and businesswoman posted a very candid shot about her glow-up, from a typical brown-skinned girl with natural features to a fair-skinned woman with a flair for surgical enhancements

Khanyi Mbau

Grow up, Glow Up #IAMKHANYI

— KHANYI MBAU (@MbauReloaded) July 31, 2019

The post attracted a ton of comments – both good and bad. Some fans believe the Red Room actress has gone too far in her quest for what she believes is perfection (nobody’s perfect, but whatevs).

“Natural Glow or Artificial glow?” mocked one tweep, whilst another chimed in; “They must give you land Khanyi you deserve it”. Another made it their business to document how exactly Khanyi’s glow-up came about. On the flipside, some fans love her new look.


“You’ve always been a flame,now you’re fire” praised one fan, whilst another added; “bleaching suits you,” after calling her white.
Khanyi’s transformation has been well documented, and she’s been pretty transparent about the procedures she’s undergone. Just last month she revealed she spends a whopping R10 000 a month to maintain her fair complexion with pricey bleaching products

In 2017, Khanyi forked out almost R100k on cosmetic surgery which included breast augmentation, liposuction and a waist reduction procedure. She’s also had a nose job, fillers and other work done on her face.

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Khanyi Mbau

But Khanyi aint here for your hate. The queen of clapbacks (Bonang comes a close second), Khanyi has no time for people who question her choices.

“1stly we didn’t apply for role model positions.. secondly the future will have you as an example of what a basic black person used to look like!! We all do what our bank balances allow us to do and mine allows a but more creativity,” she once savagely clapped back at an online trolls.

According to the Urban Dictionary, which describe a ‘glow up’ as an “incredible transformation,” Khanyi’s new look is spot on. In conclusion, if it makes you feel better about yourself and you can afford it, then why the hell not go to great lengths to glow-up?

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