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Kuli Roberts says no thank you to married men

She says she will never date a married man

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South African actress, Kuli Roberts, took to Twitter on Monday, 10 August 2020, to look back on a situation where a woman from her past asked her to make a choice between two men. She explained that she let the woman know that she had absolutely no interest in dating married men, but has now found out that the same woman had gone on to marry one of them.

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Finding the situation ironic and hilarious, Kuli went on to express her disapproval towards women who are considering having relations with married men. She stated, “Imagine going out of your way to date a married man? For what? We hate men who don’t respect their wives.” Kuli claimed that there are a lot of things to consider when having an affair, such as their kids and baby mama’s and for her, if they are married… they are invisible!


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