Lerato Sengadi claims HHP was addicted to cocaine and CAT

Lerato Sengadi claims HHP was addicted to cocaine and CAT. Court paper filed by Lerato Sengadi in an effort to halt the burial of her recently deceased husband Jabulani ‘HHP’ Tsambo contain claims that Tsambo’s mental illness was worsened by an alleged addiction to cocaine and CAT. Despite his addiction and infidelity, his customary wife insists she wants to fulfill his last wishes.

Part of her submission read: “I desperately wanted Jabba to obtain professional help, not only for his depression but also his drug addiction… on two separate occasions during our relationship. I had arranged to have him admitted to drug rehabilitation centres, locally as well as in Port Elizabeth. However, whenever the time arrived for Jabba to report to such rehabilitation centre in order to be admitted, he refused to do so.”

Sengadi Lerato

She added that he was often aggressive towards her and behaved irrationally whenever he was under the influence of the substances reports Sowetan.


The court papers were filed by Sengadi on Tuesday at the High Court in Johannesburg in an effort to have her husband’s remains handed over to her for her to carry out what she claims were his final wishes. She insists he wanted to be buried at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg and not in his hometown of Mahikeng.

Tsambo’s family has however already announced an official civic funeral planned for this weekend and it will be organised by the North West government featuring an address by premier Job Mokgoro.

The pair has been separated since early 2018 and the split was officially announced by Tsambo on his Instagram. He admitted to cheating on her in the post but she has listed additional instances of cheating in her court papers.

Lerato Sengadi

Sengadi stated that she caught him live on one of their video calls with another woman in his bed while in Botswana, where he had gone to perform. Despite this, Sengadi insists that they have been living together as man and wife and as such, she is entitled to bury her husband.

Her father-in-law Robert has vehemently denied this and she stated that following a heated argument at Tsambo’s home in the days shortly after his death, he told her he did not acknowledge her as his daughter-in-law.

Because of this, he then banned her from arranging, participating in, or having any knowledge of the funeral arrangements of the deceased planned for this coming weekend.

In addition to her plans to stop this weekend’s burial, Sengadi has reportedly demanded the family hand over his remaining assets and according to the Sowetan: “Sengadi’s lawyer submitted a letter of instruction to Samro warning it against any payout to HHP’s family.”

Source: The Citizen

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