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Another devious plan by Lindiwe Dlamini: #The River

Each week, the mining mogul shows us that there’s no level she won’t stoop to in order to protect her interests. Does she care about people’s feelings? Of course not! What did she get up to this week? Well, check out our recap of The River to find out.

Lindiwe is always 10 steps ahead

Lindiwe Dlamini is a beast, she’s a problem! How many people actually thought that she’d give a piece of the mine to the Refilwe community? We won’t lie, we honestly believed that she’d had a change of heart and was willing to be a good person for once in her life. But no, she will never change, it seems. She played the biggest trick on community members when she told them she’d give them 30% of Khanyisa Diamonds.

Lindiwe Dlamini
Everyone except Walter got excited about the plan. However, Lindiwe had no intentions of giving anything to anyone! She used Tumi to convince miners to sign share certificates that are worth nothing. And poor Tumi has no idea that she’s being played. But that’s what you get for being naïve, right? The saddest part is that miners have signed over the rights to their land. Ouch!
Meet Veronica, the troublemaker

Wow! Even we were shocked when Veronica made her debut on The River recently. We can already tell that the character, played by Ferry Jele, is full of trouble. Firstly, she’s walking around with an old man who’s close to dying, and she’s claiming that he’s her husband. Secondly, she’s wanted by the police for allegedly kidnapping the very same man. Plus, she’s cheating on this man with Khabzela
Can anyone say DRAMA? We’ll say one thing, though, Veronica is quite entertaining, and we have no doubt that she still has more up her sleeve.

Still no peace between Tumi and her family

We’re not surprised that Malefu still wants nothing to do with her daughter Tumi. If you were in her position, how would you handle the situation? When your daughter turns her back on you and starts a whole new life with another family, you’d also be as bitter as Malefu is.

This week, things have continued to be tense between mother and daughter and it seems like there’s nothing Tumi can do or say to get her mother to even speak to her. Let’s hope they will eventually find a way to sort out their differences.

Stay glued to Showmax for more episodes for The River. You can catch new episodes of the show 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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