Ann Malinga Remembers her husband Robbie Malinga on his birthday

It has been one year since Robbie Malinga’s tragic passing and since then, his wife has been vocal about missing him. Over the past couple of months, Ann and her son, Robbie Malinga Jnr, have been thrust into the spotlight and the masses have been interested in how they live their lives.

Ann and Robbie malinga

A couple of days ago, Ann penned a heartfelt message about missing her late husband.

Ann and Robbie malinga

She wrote on her Instagram Page Today…..Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Guardian Angel in Heaven, my Husband.

Ann and Robbie malingaMy heart will always grieve but my tears are more for me less for you. I know Your pain is gone your soul flies free and a big part of you will forever be with us.

Ann and Robbie malingaToday is filled with memories of happiness and tears of sadness but, the little things that seemed so small are now gold in a memory vault. #RestWell#Foreverlockedinmyheart

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