More pictures of Nadia Nakai performing at #castleliteunlocks

More pictures of Nadia Nakai at #castleliteunlocks. She put up one of the best performances she has ever done, and she is proving why she is the Queen of hip-hop music in SA. Queen Bragga as she calls herself is truly evolving to be one of the best ever female artist we will produce in our entertainment industry.

She showed class at #castleliteunlocks, her fans kept on asking for more. Check some of the pictures she has posted of what happened at the show…

Nadia Nakai

Always learning from the best! #Braggaunlocked #castleliteunlocks
Nadia Nakai

With the custom-made threads 💋
Nadia Nakai

Thank you sooo much to @gigi_lamayne @[email protected]_london_official and @misspru_djfor coming out for me!!!! Love you guys! 😍😍 #Baddest #IsagalamSqwaa#castleliteunlocks #Braggaunlocked
Nadia Nakai

With the threads!!!! #castleliteunlocks
Nadia Nakai

The team Lit!!!! 🔥🔥 #castleliteunlocks #BraggaunlockedNadia Nakai

I’m about to take over your timeline!!!!! Lol! #castleliteunlocks#Braggaunlocked
Nadia Nakai

The massive vein popping out my neck just shows how much passion I put into my show last night at #Castleliteunlocks #BraggaunlockedNadia Nakai

Last year I attended the #castleliteunlocks concert and jumped on Cass’s set!!!! This year I was announced as #castleliteunlocks supporting act!!!!! And we Fcking rocked tonight! #neverstopbelievingNadia Nakai

The African General!!!! BRAGGA UNLOCKED!!!! Tonight was so amazing!!!!!! THANK YOU! Nadia Nakai

I don’t think you understand the work that has been put into this show, I have been rehearsing with my Band and Musical Director for two MONTHS working on a whole NEW unique show for Y’all!

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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