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Nicole Nyaba sets the record straight: l don’t sleep around with men

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The 26-year-old model’s name has made headlines, she was allegedly cheating with rapper AKA whilst he was dating Bonang Matheba, but it seems like more rumours have pilled up since. In a recent interview on TouchHD, Nicole cleared the air.


Apart from popular opinion, Nicole Nyaba says that although she flaunts her body on the ‘gram, she is more than just an ‘Instagram baddie’ and has never had to sleep with any man for money.

“I’ve heard rumours that of ‘she’s a prosty [ prostitute], she’s doing what these girls are doing, she’s finessing up in Dubai’…at the end of the day, I always remind myself that no one was here when I started. I don’t like it when a person asks you what you do before asking you what your name is, but anyway it doesn’t matter…”

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Although the rumours don’t affect her, it breaks her heart to see her family get affected by the allegations.

‘’I chill with my friends, smoke a J, laugh, until it gets to my mom and my dad, then it’s not a joke, then it’s something that really really hurts me, when I see my mom or a family member of mine hurt over the sh** that people say, what they know is what I tell them, what they know is that I host parties, I work in a club…I’m a model and they get it…”


Nicole went on to clarify that she made enough money to take care of herself and did not sleep with men to live the lifestyle that she’s living.

“I don’t agree with girls that just sleep for money…how would you take me seriously if we just f**** for money, it’s a whole different situation if you’re in a relationship and your man takes care of you, there’s a difference in being in a relationship for s.e.x exchange…so,


I don’t condone it, I don’t go around chasing the latest Gucci’s, I’m not there yet where I can afford it…I can afford my life, looking like a bad b*tch every day…”


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