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Nkanyiso Mchunu joins Imbewu: The Seed

Nkanyiso Mchunu is about to add a bit of an interesting twist to this local drama series.

Mchunu is set to play the role of Nkululeko, a very troubled and mysterious stranger who is on the run from his dark and dangerous past life which he wants to keep hidden.

After playing the super-hero when saving the lives of Ngcolosi and MaZulu from a hijacking incident, Nkululeko incites an intrigue in Ngcolosi who then employs him at Maluju as head of security. Yep, he’s replacing Phunyuka’s position.

Nkululeko and Ngcolosi form a strong friendship. Ngcolosi finds a protector in Nkululeko after the betrayal of Phunyuka; and for Nkululeko, he finds in Ngcolosi a role model and a father figure he never had.

In a recently released statement Mchunu mentioned that being a part of Imbewu has been one of the greatest highlights of his career. He shared that he knew that he got the role almost two years ago but he had to wait for an additional 12 months for the job as he had to wait for the writing team to develop his character which initially gave him the opportunity to study other characters.

“Joining this growing daily drama series is overwhelming and working with all the talent that Imbewu has to offer is just a dream come true”, says Mchunu.

If you are unaware of Mchunu he has appeared on local drama series such as Ingozi, Muvhango and the fourth season of Skwizas.

You’ve probably seen him do a cameo role on Soul City as well

Nkanyiso will appear from the 16th of April at 21:30pm.

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