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Nomsa Buthelezi speaks about her movie Super Mama: Pictures

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Well, Nomsa Buthelezi had the chance to play a township hero, in the comedy Super Mama.

“I loved making this film and I enjoyed it because I know for a fact that ordinary women are heroes every elokshini (townships). The woman I play is a special superhero, she knows martial arts and kung fu, like all the moves and starts using it to help people. She’s a woman who is tired of crime in Alex and she does something about it.”

Nomsa Bhutelezi

Imagine you’re scared to death in the middle of Alexander and as some thugs try to snatch your handbag, then the mama you thought only sold tomatoes by the corner comes to your defence with major Jackie Chan style kung fu?

That would be crazy but amazing right?

She told TshisaLIVE about the crazy fun she had becoming the township superhero and that in fact, it was the training to become this character that helped her fight off men who attempted to rape her last year.Nomsa Bhutelezi

Nomsa said the martial arts training she had been doing for a film, Super Mama, came in very handy for her.b “The time this incident happened, I was busy doing martial art classes for the film,” she said.

In the film, Doris, an ordinary yet stubborn woman from Alexandra meets a mysterious kung-fu master Mr Hung. He helps her turn herself into an unconventional superhero but as most superhero stories go, she’s exposed and her fame endangers her loved ones.

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Nomsa Buthelezi

“Sometimes we doubt ourselves as women that we have the inner strength to fight. Men think they can do whatever they want with us and on us, but actually, we can fight. We are more powerful than we can ever imagine. Besides, the things we do on a daily basis as mothers, sisters and just caretakers… that is what heroes do. Every township has a hero like Super Mama, maybe just without the cape.”

Nomsa Buthelezi

The film was screened at the Durban International Film Festival earlier this year and Nomsa said it will be available later this year through NuMetro.

Source: Times Live

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