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The launch of Boity Thulo’s body toning supplements last September quickly placed her name amongst the top fitness ambassadors in the country. As she showcased her body in a series of revealing images, she became an advocate for fitness, but little did she know that one ‘slip up’ would cause a social media frenzy.

In today’s modernized and high-tech generation, bullying has been made easier through social media as users can now share their views and opinions with just one click of a button and hide behind their screens. Celebrities are often subject to public scrutiny as they are constantly in the public eye.

Boity Thulo

We’ve seen this recurring theme of cyberbullying and mostly body shaming by social media users, editing images and sharing their opinion on what they deem should and should not be posted on social media.

Boity Thulo

Most recently photographer and plus size sensation, Thickleeyonce had to silence rumours of her being unhappy with her body after being accused of losing weight, and just as she stood her ground by slamming the claims that were made against her, media personality Boity Thulo also had to defend herself after her followers expressed that they were unimpressed with her weight gain.

Boity Thulo'

Boity Thulo addressed her followers concerns in a Twitter post by saying:

“Yes guys, I’m fully aware that I’ve gained weight. It happens. My work schedule has become intense and I fell off. But I’m back at it! And the #SummerBodyGoals journey continues! LET’S!!!”
Although Thulo has embodied a sense of comfort in her skin, the media personality has often fallen victim to being body shamed on social media, however, she has been adamant that social media users that hate on her body are the same people that project their own insecurities on those that are confident in their own skin.

Boity Thulo

“…yes you will have body shammers but you need to understand that it’s just projection because I don’t think you’ll have the ability to shame someone unless it exists inside of you. So with regards to body shaming, it should never be taken personally because it’s just projection, it’s just the same with beauty shaming or any form of shaming, it’s just projection because you can’t say something about someone without you feeling it inside of you, so, whatever anyone says to you, it’s all just projection, whether someone loves you completely, it’s a projection of what they have inside of themselves….” she said in an interview on Touch HD.

Source: Instagram

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