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Penny Lebyane opens up about her resignation at

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Last week, it was rumoured that Penny Lebyane was fired as the host of etv’s Sunrise. She then briefly commented on the rumor and mentioned that she would speak on the matter until she was ready to do so.

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Speaking to Sowetan Live, Penny has gone on to clarify that she did not get fired but instead decided to resign from the channel.

According to Lebyane, things spiraled out of control when there were constant issues with the renewal of her contract, however, her decision to resign came after she heard news about the channel’s search for new presenters

Penny Lebyane

 The channel then explained to Penny that it was structuring & outsourcing the show. She then requested that the information is sent to her via e-mail but that never happened.

“In January I started hearing that they were looking for new presenters and I resigned myself to the fact that my contract could not be renewed,” she told the publication.

However, before her resignation, Penny told Sowetan Live that the channel began to act suspicious when they suddenly blocked her access card upon her arrival at work one morning.

After gaining access to the building with the assistance of a security guard, Penny found out that her makeup team & wardrobe were removed.

Penny is said to be displeased with how the channel has treated her after spending three years of her life working for the channel.

Sowetan Live reached out to’s chief operating officer Mark Rosin who told the publication that Penny’s contract with had ended on the 31st of March 2018.

Source: Sowetan



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