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Actress Nthati Moshesh on why she keeps her personal life private

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She’s one of the most revered actresses in South Africa, with an impressive body of work that dates back to the early 90’s.

Her most recent television work, though short was on Mzansi Magic’s latest drama series – The Housekeepers starring the likes of Thando Thabethe

People absolutely loved her role even though she appeared on one episode.

The actress was recently interviewed by Bridget on Kaya FM’s The B Side and one of the most interesting things we took from that interview was how protective Nthati is about her private life.

Nthati was asked if she ever speaks about her private life and her response was a stern ‘No’ with a clear explanation why.

“No, never, because it’s exactly is that, personal. I think our lives are so public as it is, so with my private life, I feel like I at least own that. I don’t own my public life but I own my private life.”

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Nthati Moshesh

Nthati also added that she’s never allowed people to interview her in her home, she once did but that was when she shared a house with someone.

No, I’ve never allowed that I think it was when I was sharing a house once, but that’s also because I was sharing a house. I think there’s already so much that has been said or not said and I think that’s one of the reason’s I’ve probably lasted for as long as I have. It’s that I keep it so separate, I just want to be known for my work, not for who I’m dating, who I’m not dating or married or not married.”

Speaking of marriage, Ntathi mentioned that she is not married but it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen.

Yes, Ms Moshesh is involved, the actress shared that she and her man met 20 years ago.

“We met 20 years ago, lost touch then we hooked up again, it’s my love story. He’s actually a male version of me and it’s weird.”

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