Pics: Kwesta’s Priceless Art Portraits

Family first is a statement often becoming cliche’ these days. Some say that but their actions seem contrary, Kwesta… I must say Kwesta is different. With the money and fame, most artists neglect their wives and children and end up with just multiple baby mamas. If they got it together it usually celeb relationships where both parties are in to benefit from each other’s fame and maintain relevance.

Kwesta puts his heart on his sleeve and we can all see what matters to him the most…family. The song Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe spoke more on his relationship and challenges but at its core, you could sense that to this guy family is everything. I was not too surprised when I saw his adorable art collection portraits of his family.

This is just beautiful I had to write an article about it. The first article is a painting of him and his daughter, my personal favorite.

If only me and Khai could let you know kahle kahle what you are to us.. I wish these words were enough but… I love you, no WE love you and just wanna take this time to say THANK YOU. For being nje. #HappyMothersDay @yonessalvv 😉I’m still not sure why you acting like you kissing someone on this pic but……. Its all ❤️

The second one is one of his gorgeous wife Yolanda.

The third is one of his daughter Khai.

Was saving the Best for last, another family portrait painted by Kwesta’s Daughter Khai.

Yolanda and Khai

Happy birthday my loves. I should probably say more but….. ❤️…… For now, just hold on to that. #Family

You just can not place a value on these portraits, these are priceless.

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