Pictures of Gigi LaMayne after trying to commit suicide

Pictures of Gigi LaMayne after trying to commit suicide. The star was reportedly hospitalised after trying to commit suicide at the weekend. The rapper was hospitalised and it is said she spent the weekend in the ICU ward in a hospital and has since been moved to a patient ward.

The topic almost became hotter as fans on social media were convinced that another rapper tried to take their own life on Saturday. The topic of depression and suicide is currently a hot one in Mzansi following the death of Iconic Motswako rapper HHP who struggled with the mental illness.

Gigi Lamayne, who also previously opened up about her own struggles with depression, caused a bit of concern on social media on Saturday with her “suicidal tweets.”

Twitter reacts to Gigi LaMayne’s suicide attempt at the weekend. While the nation was coming to terms with HHP’s death following his official civic funeral, friends, family, and fans of fellow rapper Gigi Lamayne were anxiously awaiting news about her well-being.

The rapper confirmed that she tried to take her life on Saturday and that she is in the hospital getting the help she needs. This comes after she tweeted and deleted tweets alluding to the fact that she may be planning to take her own life. Check her latest pictures taken from her Instagram account…

Gigi LaMayne

The black lipstick is on point babe❤

Gigi LaMayne

We love you Gigi❤❤ That’s must be another reason to live. We love you and God loves you more…

Gigi LaMayne

I’m messed up but you get me…

Gigi LaMayne

Cause big girls gotta do what they gotta do. 🔥

Gigi LaMayne

Constructive AF! Y’all ready for some new music ? 🕺🏾

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