3 things you need to know about Riky Rick’s #SAMA24 outfit

According to fashion gurus, what Riky pulled off places him in a league of his own and these three questions will help you understand why.

While the rest of us “fashion average” folkes thought Riky Rick’s outfit to the Samas was hilarious, his fellow high-end fashionistas have come out to applaud the stylish rapper for pushing boundaries.

Riky Rick

Who dressed Riky Rick?

Riky was dressed by renowned South African designer Chularp Suwannapha. The designer is proclaimed as the ‘prince of prints’ and has worked with people such as Cassper Nyovest before.

Churlap’s work has received global recognition and has been shown on fashion ramps across the globe. Even Vogue had to recognise the man’s work.


Riky-Rick-OutfitWhat was Riky Rick trying to say?

Even though it’s pretty clear that Riky is already in 2040 with his fashion and style, the rapper was trying to get a message across.

Riky Rick

The rapper asked people to open their minds and shared a few quotes on Instagram, explaining his decision to wear the outfit. “Fear is our biggest obstacle to greatness.”

Why did Riky Rick wear that particular outfit?

“Oh no inspiration, just being, just going with the flow, Just embracing becoming a ghost and embracing fading away,” Riky told TshisaLIVE.

Riky Rick

And yet, he STOOD OUT! How cool?

Source: Times Live

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