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S.E.X is not a sin – Tonto Dikeh

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Tonto Dikeh has been doing some social media evangelism for a while. She has been touching on several topics, some sensitive, but at the end of the day, its clear her messages are coming from a good place.

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Recently the Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has advised couples on how not to starve each other of their sexual desires, saying “sex isn’t a sin”. The actress took to her Instagram page to share her views, saying that couples should always be ready to impress one another. She said if as a partner you desire to be given a good head, then ask for it.

She wrote, “Let me just drop this right here: Just like you stay improved on your social, spiritual life so you should improve on your sexual life…learn new ways to please and be pleased!! Sex plays a major role in our physical life/relationship or marriage.

“Never starve your partner, as a matter of fact, be always ready to impress. You wanna be a boss, be a boss all around, you love a good head? Open up to your partner, if you are not satisfying them, someone else will. Sex isn’t a sin.”

There are also other topics she also touches on regarding the walk of a Christian like the post below where she encourages congregates not to be lazy.

Her post following this image was

“Did you know that there is something like praying the wrong way??
Did you know that your praise and worship is also a form of prayer and some challenges would only bow to that?
Did you know that there is nothing wrong with been wealthy, Fashionable and trendy(well Dressed)and still be Born Again?
Did you know that God will still answer your prayers if you weren’t wearing a worn out shirt with black armpits stains Or worn out shoes with chopped heels?
Did you know that God will answer your prayers even with 90inchs long wig on,10inchs fingers nails and a painted face as you please?

These and a whole lot of inspirational messages she is making use of the Social Media to teach her fans.

Source: Socialitezed


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