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Shaka gives Goodness piece of his mind and Twitter is happy about it #TheQueenMzansi

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The pair has a history and when Shaka (SK Khoza) found out Goodness (Zenande Mfenyana) was romancing with Bakang (Thato Molamu) he decided to drop in and have a little chat with her.

Shaka The Queen

The Queen’s Goodness may be on a warpath to ruin Shaka’s life, but the star got his own back this week, dropping bars and insults at her like a rapper on the come up.

Just like that cousin we all have, Shaka didn’t hold anything back and hit her with a few lines that had the twitter streets dizzy.

Some of the insults included a bomb where he said Pickitup was looking for trash collectors and suggested she apply because she was picking up trash in Bakang.

The streets were lit with reaction to the shade-fest, showing their feels through memes and jokes.

As if he wasn’t already leading the polls, the incident made him Twitter’s favourite TV cousin.

Fans quickly drew comparisons between him and their own cousins. Here are a few reasons why:

He speaks his mind

He doesn’t step down from a fight

He’s always cracking jokes

He’s always chilling with his uncle

Source: Times Live

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