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Slay Queens embarrassed for failing to pay their bill after having fun at a hotel

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Slay queens were left stranded after missing a payment at a hotel. A video that has been making the rounds on social media has left many people in Mzansi in stitches.

In the video, one of the three women wearing all black is seen handcuffed and keeps telling the cleaner to get a job. She can also be heard threatening to sue the person taking the video.

The cleaner replies and asks them how will they sue someone if they can’t even pay for a stay in a hotel.

The video has gone viral and someone on Facebook suggested they use their wigs to pay the bill.


“The hotel should make them wash the dishes and do laundry. They must make them clean five rooms and change the bedding. They’ll learn a valuable lesson,” wrote Nanki Kereng.

Lindiwe Masimula said these women were taking chances.

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“How do you carry an empty purse all the way from your home and enter somebody else’s property, eat and drink their most expensive bottle of wine then fail to settle the bill? Wow.”

Tshepo Mosheo said these were the consequences of living a life you couldn’t maintain.

“Class is earned, ask career women. They will tell you that they don’t need men to spoil them. Does she even know what a lawyer’s hourly rate is, while she can’t even settle a hotel bill?” he said.

Tidimalo Mkheswa said this should be a lesson to them.

“I always tell girls not to rely on a man. They just have to be independent and enjoy their life. Look at these poor girls. If they had their own money, they wouldn’t be in this situation now,” wrote Tidimalo.

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