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Somizi Appreciates Mother

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The Famous Somizi star of the show Living The Dream with Somizi, took time to appreciate his mother and all mothers out there. He posted a heartfelt post for his mother and other mothers out there.

This South African Celebrity, who is also Idols S.A judge posted this on Instagram.

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So my mom just called me to ask what the plans are for tomorrow. I told her to just be ready in the morning. She says ok goodnight I love u I say I love u too and hang up. After that call, I felt so good and grateful that I still have a mother u can still give me that call on the eve of Mother’s Day. And there’s someone out there who will never have that call and wishes for it. And there’s someone out there who has a mother and ignores that call. Let’s appreciate and love lovethem coz they only happen once in our lifetime. Bayahlupha bona shemmm but we wasn’t exist without them. I wish everyone a great Mother’s Day with yo Mothers. And to those that have lost theirs I also wish a happy one with yo guardian angels in heaven

This year seems to be panning out really well for the Idols S.A Judge. His reality TV show is one of the most popular in the country and he is also engaged to be married to his fiance Mohale.


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